Someday we’ll get married. Someday we’ll get that job we’ve always wanted. Someday we’ll get around to going to church. Someday we’ll have a baby. Someday we’ll save money. Someday we’ll get out of debt. Someday we’ll clean out the garage. Someday we’ll buy a new car. Someday we’ll make amends. Someday there will be change. How are you planning to get to your someday? There’s always a someday and it has become our excuse for why we aren’t where we want to be. Well, you see, someday . . .

Could today be your someday? It could be if you create a plan and make a move. Don’t have a plan? Then make one. We live so much in the future of someday that we sometimes miss out on today and if we’re too busy daydreaming today about someday, we’re wasting valuable time. If we continue that route our lives end up being full of a bunch of daydreams that never come to pass because we’ve been wasting our “meantime.” Use your meantime wisely and work on your someday. That meantime is the time between now and your someday.

I admit that I have been one of the world’s biggest procrastinators. My job gets 8 hours of my time, more like 10 with my commute. I always think I need more than 24 hours in a day, but I don’t. It just comes down to managing those hours better. Most of us have busy lives, but if we spend one or two hours a week working on our someday rather than watching television or playing video games on our phones, then someday will be as soon as tomorrow for some of us.

Get moving – today – not someday!

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