Building An Ark

If there’s no purpose in telling your story, why tell it? If there’s no purpose in making your film, why shoot it? These are valid questions and my hope is to have a worthy purpose that clearly speaks for itself when all is said and done.

Just as God told Noah to build an Ark in Genesis 6, I have begun building my very own Ark (in a sense). Just as he instructed Noah to gather the right materials and was very precise about those materials (the specific wood, the exact length, breadth and height, etc.), I’m also gathering the right materials and listening closely to God’s instruction when it comes to my Ark. He specifically chose Noah for that Ark and He specifically chose me for mine. Have I confused you, yet? Oh, how I love analogies! Bear with me!

Ok, let’s take my dream of filmmaking. The materials God asked me to gather and use are the right people, the right time, the right place, the right attitude, the right tools, the right knowledge and the right wisdom. Everything has to be right. Nothing can be half-way or almost right. It has to be completely right. Why? Because I’m building it for God’s glory and it can be nothing less than absolutely right. Otherwise, it will fail. As long as I do everything as He instructs, He will provide everything I do not have or cannot obtain – in His time. Obedience is part of the plan and timing is key.

I know the floodgates of my dream are opening – I can already see a glimpse of it. God is making sure I’m prepared to see it through. This is true when any of us set out to achieve something great or chase a dream. We can’t take shortcuts. We have to pray, plan and prepare every step of the way. If we don’t we could very well end up way off course and never achieve what we set out to do; thoroughly discouraged and second-guessing ourselves.

Pray, Plan and Prepare so that you can weather the storm when the floodgates open for you. Go build your Ark and sail away to your dreams! I’ll see you on the high seas!

Noah did everything just as God commanded him. - Genesis 6:22

Have a blessed day!

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