Doors Open. Doors Close.

Doors open. Doors close. They say don’t look too long at the door that’s just closed because you may miss the one that just opened – or a window for that matter. Let’s paint a scenario here. Let’s say the only door behind you just closed and now you’re facing 10 closed doors in front of you. What do you do? Do you wait for one to open? Do you kindly stand and knock? Or do you out-right bust one down? It comes down to a single question. What is behind each door? It may be something you want. It may be something you don’t want. It may be something you need. It may be something you don’t need. It may be something that scares you. It may be something that comforts you. It may be something that makes you laugh. It may be something that makes you cry. It may be the biggest blessing of all time or the biggest mistake of all time.

The thing is – you don’t know what is behind those doors and how it will affect you. There’s only one person that knows. God. And He’s watching your every move as you stand there looking at those doors playing the guessing game in your silly head. Sometimes He puts a label on the door and lets you decide to go through – or not. Sometimes the door is just blank. And, sometimes satan puts a sign on a door with a lot of bling-bling that looks appealing. Don’t be fooled.

You have the free will to do what you want – so be it. But, here’s what I do. I simply ask God. I’ve traveled through enough doors in life to know that I need to stop and ask. I don’t want to open a door that I shouldn’t and yet, I don’t want to leave a door closed that I shouldn’t. So I ask God. “Dear God, thank you for these doors before me. You know full well what lies on the other side of each door. I ask that you guide me and lead me to the right doors and help me to flee from the wrong doors. I will not make a move until I hear You clearly. Then, I will let You lead me to the doors You have chosen and I’ll let You turn the knob. I have complete trust in You. Please hold my hand and lead me. In Your precious name I pray, Amen!”

Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding. In all your ways, acknowledge Him, and He will direct your paths. Proverbs 3:5-6

Have a blessed day!

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