Do Better - Not More

Obedience. It’s an act or instance of obeying. Obeying. To follow the commands or guidance of … It’s a word we toss aside sometimes. A word that we feel we have the right to deal with later because, after all, it takes effort to be obedient. Especially when you don’t want to be obedient in a certain circumstance and you think you can smooth it over and bypass it by doing something “more.” “What more can I do for you Lord, . . . besides the obedient thing?” I admit that I have tossed obedience into a somewhat gray area in the past. Maybe He will let this obedience thing go if I do more of something else for Him. . . . Not.

Truth is, I often pray that the Lord shows me what more I can do for Him. “Lord, let me do more for you. Show me how to do more.” Then there’s silence followed by His answer, “Do better with what you’re already doing, with what I’ve already given you.” He’s asking me to finish and/or do better with what He has already given me before I do “more.” There’s where obedience stares me back in the face. God is telling me to stop asking for more and just do better. Not more, but better.

It makes sense, of course. If I try to do better at what I am presently doing for Him, then what I am presently doing will someday be “best.” Once it becomes best, then I have done more for Him simply by being obedient. Do what He has asked of you. Only then will you see the blessings that obedience brings. So be obedient and be blessed.

He replied, “Blessed rather are those who hear the word of God and obey it.” Luke 11:28

Have a blessed day!

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