50! Say What?

So, if you don’t know already then I’m going to blurt it out. I turned 50 this year. Yes, I totally admit it. I’m not 29 anymore and I haven’t been 29 for a very long time. These parts were made in 1964 and most of them are still working pretty good. Of course, the hair is sprouting much gray, the bones are cracking, the hormones have gone haywire, the wrinkles have set in, eyesight and hearing have gone. . . . But all in all, I am happy with my life and my being (giving cheers to hair color, wrinkle cream, ear surgery and eye glasses). I’m thankful to have lived this long where others have not and I’m totally looking forward to the next 50 bestest years of my life because that’s what I’m going to make them. I don’t know how many of those I will live, but as long as I live I am determined to make them better than all my yesterdays. I have an interesting life to look back on and an even more interesting one to look forward to. Our lives are what we make it.

If I had to look back and think of an age where it was the best, I’d have to say 50. And you can ask me the same question next year and I’ll say 51, and the next 52, etc. I think we have to make the best of our lives in the moment we are. There are wonderful memories in our past that we will not forget and there are terrible moments in our past that we will not forget. But try to make the moment you’re in the best moment you possibly can. Circumstances may not permit you to do that easily, but at least try. Go ahead, just try.

I wouldn’t want to go back to any age if I could either. There’s a reason we’re not meant to do that – no matter how many times you see someone do it in a movie – it’s not possible. What’s past is past. Look toward your future. Make it better than it’s ever been. If you have regrets of your past – let it go. If you have uncertainty in your present – turn it into something certain. If you have hope for your future – then by all means, blast onward. Bad things can happen but we can turn them to good, it’s a choice as well as an attitude. Choose to be happy in each moment no matter what life throws at you.

And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him, who have been called according to his purpose. Romans 8:28

Have a blessed day!

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