His Silver Platter

We’re now in the last few months of 2014 and as I reflect back on this year and what I have or haven’t accomplished, I see a very valuable lesson learned – HIS SILVER PLATTER IS MORE IMPORTANT THAN MY PLATE! That’s it! That’s the lesson!

Are you wondering what that actually means? Like almost everyone else, near the end of the year, I make resolutions, goals and big plans for the new year. Oh my, the things I will do! I’ve got a bucket list ready to pounce on. I am the one planning what I put on my plate and just how much I pile on. So, I planned and prepared my own plate (tasks) for 2014. It was loaded to the edges with so many fantastic projects I couldn’t wait to get started. I prayed for God’s help and began dishing things out of that plate in January so that I could see the bottom before I piled more on top of it – because there were plenty more things I had to pile on. By March I was feeling somewhat accomplished because my plate was cleared enough to add more. I was on a roll and thought I could handle the rest of my projects during the next 9 months with ease. It seemed like a piece of cake from there on out. Until I turned around.

Yes, I turned around to add a few more items to my plate. But as I turned, I found God standing there with a Silver Platter filled to the edges, just for me! A Silver Platter of tasks - from God! At first, I felt overwhelmed. How could I do all of “my stuff” and His, too? I couldn’t believe He was handing me more. Not just a plain old plate, but a beautiful Silver Platter! I questioned Him, of course. He knew everything I had been working on and what all I still wanted to accomplish for the rest of the year, but yet, there He stood holding out the Silver Platter waiting for me to take it. It contained things He specifically chose for me and things that were much more worthy of a Silver Platter than just a plain old plate.

I knew His work was more important than anything I had planned myself so I placed my plate aside and began working on what He gave me. Doing those tasks allowed me to realize it’s not about doing all these things for myself, it’s about doing what He asks of me. So, ask yourself this question - Is His Silver Platter more important than your plate? Of course it is! We need to stop filling our own plates and check with God on that Silver Platter, first. His projects are better than anything we can dish out. That doesn’t mean our plates are insignificant. It’s just that He has a much better plan. Throughout the year, I have worked on that Silver Platter and am doing what He has asked. I also found time to work on the plate I made for myself, with His guidance and direction, of course.

So, for 2015, I am going to ask if He has a Silver Platter before I pick up my plate. It’s important to take care of what’s on the Silver Platter first. He will allow you time to finish your plate – no worries!

“My food,” said Jesus, “is to do the will of him who sent me and to finish his work. – John 4:34

Have a blessed day!

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