Hello! Welcome to my blog!

Why am I blogging? Well, I’ve been writing ever since I could hold a pencil correctly and thank God for the invention of computers! My very first publication was a little bitty poem in the American Poetry Anthology in 1984, so some of you may have missed that. I may post it one of these days. It took close to 30 years for my next publication which is a book about my life and hit the market in November of 2013, Heaven Won’t Be Heaven Without You. You can visit my Books page on the site to find out more about that. I have other books in the works and various songs that have yet to be sung and screenplays that have yet to be seen on the screens. But all in due time, right?

So who am I? I'm a follower of Jesus Christ! I’m an optimist! I’m a writer! I'm an actress! I'm a filmmaker! I'm a camera-woman! I'm a legal assistant! Hurray for the day jobs, right? Yes, we all have aggravations with our jobs at one time or another, but I am most thankful I have a steady one. Remind me I said that if I ever forget.

I also had my own small line of greeting cards at one time of which I may consider resurrecting some day. But again, all in due time. My purpose for blogging is to share my experiences with you and try to enlighten, encourage and inspire; to shed light on the brighter side of life, because there is one – trust me! I would rather lift up than push down – even when pushing down is easier. There are days that may be really difficult, but we can rise above it. Don’t get me wrong – I have my bad days as well and I will waddle in my own pain and pettiness for a while, but then I eventually choose to pick up the pieces and move forward. So I hope I can encourage you with my blogs and, perhaps, make you LOL or just crack a smile.

I don’t know how often I will blog. Sometimes I will have lots to say and other times there will be nothing at the moment. We’ll just have to see what life throws at me and how I handle it and what I choose to share with you. I may surprise you – and myself.

Thanks for checking it out. There will be much more to come and I hope you continue to visit.

Have a blessed day!


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