Denise ​was born in Bloomington, Indiana and is the youngest of seven children.  She studied English and Theatre at Vincennes University and majored in Screenwriting at Watkins Film School in Nashville, Tennessee. 


She's an actress and writer with the desire to develop and produce stage plays, television shows and films that make a positive difference in the lives of others.  She's always looking for that needle-in-a-haystack project that can become something amazing.   


Denise recently published her first inspirational and encouraging book about her experiences in life, Heaven Won't Be Heaven Without You.  Setting out on a long, difficult and surprising journey to pursue her dreams of acting, writing and filmmaking while remaining on the narrow road to Heaven.  Her first publication was in the 1984 American Poetry Anthology and her screenplay Welcome Home received a consideration in Creative Screenwriting's AAA Screenplay Contest. She became a Top 10 Finalist in the 168 Film Festival Write of Passage Screenwriting Competition in 2016 with her short script The Paper Cut.


Denise currently resides in Los Angeles, California and attends Shepherd Church.



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